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Lab news!

The Open Pesticide Transition Library was published in JASMS!

Developing pesticide detection methods from the ground up typically requires that chemists are exposed to relatively large amounts of the compounds they are monitoring. The Open Pesticide Transition Libray aims to speed the development of methods to monitor these compounds of concern by providing easily accessible optimized methods. Over 4,000 transitions are now availble for 7 different LCMS platforms. Updates will feature GCMS and ion mobility mass spectrometry data. This work was just featured in the prestigious Journal of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry. Early versions are available via OSF Preprints


Our first single cell proteomics study was accepted (In principle) at Nature Communiations!

We're currently working on editorial changes but you can read early versions of this work here. We are using Single Cell Proteomics as a tool for Pharmacology studies and this study shows how with our first proof-of-principle in the analysis of a KRASG12C covalent inhibitor. 

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