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Benjamin (Ben) Orsburn

Instructor and Principal Investigator

Ben has been using mass spectrometry as a tool to solve biological problems for nearly twenty years. He is one of the most recognized names in mass spectrometry and proteomics thanks to early work to make these fields accessible to the general research community.

Through industry and consulting roles, he has spent time in more than 150 labs around the world. He has established expertise in proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, pesticide residue analysis, untargeted screening, and intact protein characterization. However, he is primarily a specialist in the analysis of "atypical biomolecules" by LCMS. 

In 2010, he entered the industy sector. To try and keep and stay relevant to the research community he started some unorthodox projects including the surprisingly successful book: Mass Spectrometry for Biologists and Medical Technologists and began the blog: News In Proteomics Research which he is probably best known for.

Today he continues the analysis of atypical biomolecules to support the Johns Hopkins community. He is currently on a side quest to make single cell mass spectrometry a practical application for biological discovery.

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